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Debunking Myths about Foster/Adoptive Children

Photo courtesy of MYTH 1: There is something wrong with all foster/adopted children. Let's get something straight from the beginning. Kids do not end up in foster care or are not put up for adoption because there is something wrong with them. The majority of children do not wake up and hope to be taken away from the only family they have ever known. They don't ask to be born to drug-addicted parents. They don't choose to be neglected. They don't choose to be abused. They don't ask to be abandoned. Those are not things that children choose. Children are placed in foster care and adopted because there is something wrong with the adults who are supposed to take care of them. Some research demonstrates that nearly 80% of foster children have mental health issues. However, this data, in my opinion, is greatly skewed. Foster children and adoptees are put under greater scrutiny than the general population. If the data and same scrutiny is

A Review of Women's Reproductive Rights

As a senior at a small, private, church sponsored, conservative college in the Midwest, I decided that I would like to write my senior thesis for my history degree on Griswold v. Connecticut (1965).  Griswold v. Connecticut  served as a precedent for Roe v. Wade (1973). My premise was that the Supreme Court was actually more influenced by societal pressures and norms than legal theory would suggest. I further asserted that, although the Supreme Court judges were appointed by life to not be swayed by political and public opinion;  in fact, they were. I was mildly discouraged from my topic by members of my all male history faculty. However, the reason was not the one might guess. They believed it would be difficult to prove if the court had been swayed by public and political opinion or not. As one of my professors pointed out, volumes had been written on the subject with no decisive answer either way. Nevertheless, I persisted and pursued my study of " Griswold V. Connecticut: Co