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Healthcare Marketing

We understand that product marketing and service marketing have different challenges and opportunities. We want to provide you and your organization the best marketing plan and strategy that meets your needs. We offer a range of marketing options from social media marketing, social marketing, event planning, relationship building, brand development, and growth marketing. Contact us today for a consultation.

In-Person and Online Training

We offer online training via our Teachable school, How Healthcare Works. Classes currently offered include Reviewing Articles and Leading Without Authority. Additional coursework coming soon. Space is limited, so sign up today!

Public Health Consulting

As we move into the new era of public health and healthcare delivery, creating synergies between hospitals, public health services, education, and communities will become increasingly important. Contact us for public health consulting services to meet your personal, community, organizational, or business needs.

Leadership and Workforce Development 

Your workforce is human capital. We understand and want to help you and your team be the best you can be. We offer individual services, such as personal professional development and resume review. We also offer team development and workflow analysis to increase productivity and patient, provider, and customer satisfaction. Contact us today for your workforce development consultation.

Policy and Planning 

We understand that planning and evaluating services and creating and updating internal policy or implementing external policies and regulations can be daunting tasks. We are here to help. Our staff has implemented successful plans and has grown businesses on both small and large scales. Contact us today for your consultation.