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Celebrate Small Victories

Another Week. Another Race. This makes my third 5K this summer, in case you are counting. You see, when I first embarked on this 5K journey, I was doing it to mark something off my Life List. In case you don't know what a Life List is, it's the same thing as a Bucket List. Instead of focusing on things to do before you die, however, it focuses on things to do to enrich your life. My life. Thus, it's my Life List. Anyone who knows me knows I can't just do something just to do it. I once had a friend tell me, "You can't be good at everything." My response was, "Yes, I can." Of course, I may not be good at everything, but I can try my best at it. That's what running the 5Ks is all about to me. Trying my best and pushing myself to see how much I can improve myself to reach my goal. Yes, I set a goal for myself for the 5K time that I have not reached yet.  I have this timestamp in my head that I want to see when I cross the finish line. Until I

Don't Compete With The Heat

In the dog days of summer, the heat index can reach up to and over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. These are some of the hottest days of the year, and the days when the heat can wear you down quickly. Staying outside in excessive heat, or even inside without air conditioning, can be detrimental to your health. Here are some tips to stay healthy and cool and not try to compete with the heat. 1. Drink Water.  Drinking water not only keeps your body hydrated but also helps your body with its natural cooling system. If you are dehydrated, then your body will have to work that much harder to cool off. Make sure you drink plenty of water, during the hot days of summer...and every day. 2. Stay Out of the Sun.  As much as possible, stay out of direct sunlight during the hottest days of the summer. The sun's rays are the strongest in the late morning and early afternoon, but the heat is greatest during the later part of the day. If you aren't able to stay in a cool area, find a local coolin


On my final walk up the hill after my workout, some days I have to visualize and fantasize about what waits for me at home. I start thinking about the cool air hitting my face as I open the door, take off my shoes and socks, and walk into the kitchen and have a big tall glass of water. Nothing is quite so refreshing as a big glass of ice water after a workout on a hot day. I'm going to come out and admit it. I'm a big fan of water. Fill a glass up with ice cubes and some refreshing water, and I'm happy. Best drink there is. When I was a kid, I would sit down and drink my whole glass of water, and then I would fill up on another one. I would have to be reminded to eat my dinner, too. Water doesn't only taste refreshing and feel good when you drink it, but it's good for your health, too. The human body is made up of 60% water. That's a whole lot of water going on in your body. If you are wondering where the water goes in your body, think of all those bodily

Be Cool at the Pool

When I was a young girl, I used to love to go swimming in the summertime. One of the rules of our household was that we had to have our chores done before we could go swimming. I would wake up early (for me) and get my chores done by noon so that I could go swimming in the afternoon. I remember being one of the first ones in line and walking into the quiet locker room, entering the empty pool deck, looking at the still water, and watching the first kid jump and splash into the pool. I can still hear their "WHOA!" today. Through all those hours spent at the pool, I learned some great health and safety tips to have a fun time swimming. Photo courtesy of  1. Be Ready.  Going to the swimming pool has its own "getting ready" checklist. As an adult, I am a fan of checklists. Having one, even if it is only a mental checklist, is important for the swimming pool. Naturally, you want to have your bathing suit and towel. Rinsing off at home will help you

Set A New Goal

This past weekend, I completed my second 5K race. The first race was about finishing and about meeting my Life List goal of finishing a 5K. After that race, I started wondering how much better I could do in the next one. I started wondering how much faster I could finish. I started to wonder how much harder I could push myself. I did sustain a minor injury following the first 5K race. I had patellar tendinitis, which is more annoyingly painful than anything. I put it into the category of the "Why does my _____ hurt?" part of getting older. I am 47 years old, after all. Some nights I am dragging myself to bed, only to wake up in the morning feeling as good as new. Maybe that is the reason I have not conceded that I am getting "old." As I planned to participate in the Firecracker Flight sponsored by Bodies Race Company this past weekend, I decided I was going to improve my time over the last race. Therefore, I set out a planned strategy for increasing and improvin