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Seriously, Clean Your House

Last summer, I read Rachel Hollis' book, "Girl, Stop Apologizing." I believe I have written about this book before, because I really liked the book. One of the chapters that caught me off guard and was rather surprising to me was "Girl, Clean Your House." The reason that surprised me was because the book was about empowering women and teaching them to be leaders. At first, I wondered what cleaning your house had to do with leadership. Rachel Hollis did a fairly decent job describing why having a clean house helps you become a leader. Recently, I went to visit a family member, and they told me, "My house isn't as clean as your mom's house." Well, I am here to tell you, not that many people's houses are clean as my mom's house was when I was growing up -- except maybe my sister-in-law's. But, I will talk more about that later. My own house isn't even as clean as my mom's house. It is what I call "company-ready-in-an-