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Doing Something: 8,800 Steps

One of my favorite things to say is that "Doing something is always better than doing nothing." That is exactly what I was thinking about today, as I set out to walk my 8,800 steps. To be honest, I really didn't want to walk outside today. I had contemplated staying inside and doing my short video on the importance of stretching and how it's important to warm up your muscles before any exercise. I also was going to talk about yoga. I have done yoga for years, and I really feel like it assists with my posture, opens up my body, and allows me to focus on my core. If someone tells you that you have to be thin to do yoga, it's not true. That's another great thing about yoga, you can do it at any weight or fitness level. Another day out on the trail.  Anyway, I decided to walk outside today even though it was pretty cold. It was about 34 degrees when I started walking and by the end of my walk it was 30 degrees. Nevertheless, I was able to increase my he

Staying Warm at 7700 Steps

My initial plan today was to take a walk outside. I even went outside and took the video and decided it was warm enough. After my little video filming, which is below, I chose to walk inside. There has definitely been some wintery mix of weather in my area recently. I wanted to stay warm and listen to some music while I walked inside. So, I put on my bunny slippers and started my laps around the living room and upstairs hallway. Actual photo of me wearing my bunny slippers.  This week I am at 7,700 steps. We are told a lot that 10,000 steps a day is the magic number for walking. That's actually not the case according to research published in JAMA Internal Medicine , at least not for older adult women. According to the researchers, longevity benefits of walking plateaued at 7,500 steps. So, where did the 10,000 steps idea come from? It came from a marketing campaign in Japan. The marketers thought that 10,000 steps a day would be easier to remember. And, in fact, it is

6600 Steps In The Cold

In case you haven't noticed I am on a mission. I have decided that I am going to keep walking during the Billion Steps Challenge through snow, wind, cold, and hopefully, sunshine soon.  And, today, it was cold. I am sitting here right now drinking a cup of tea. I'm about a hot bath and a warm blanket away from a good night's sleep. Before today's walk, I thought about the cold weather and how we tend to hibernate during the winter months. In fact, that's exactly what I would be doing right now if it wasn't for the Billion Steps Challenge. I most likely would be sitting in my living room, in front of the fireplace, reading a book, and definitely not worrying about getting my 6,600 steps in today. In order to get my 6,600 steps in today, I walked on the trail like I usually do. It was cold. I had my winter coat, gloves, long socks, thermal henley on. You can see some of it here in this picture. Yes, that's really me getting ready to walk in 37 degrees weat

Make Walking A Routine

I really like having a schedule...a lot. One of my favorite assistants used to put my weekly schedule on my desk every Monday morning. I would arrive at work around 9:00 a.m. Before I even had my coffee at my desk, she had my schedule there ready to go. I never had to wonder or worry what was going on. And, if I changed my schedule during the week, she would put the updated schedule on my desk and take the old one away. That way, I wouldn't confuse the old schedule with the new schedule. I like schedules, structures, and routine a lot. It really helps me keep my life organized and planned. I often say that I like planning so much that I have a degree in planning. I am not a fan of pantsers or the pantser lifestyle. I think that it is simply unstructured behavior that others try to mask as spontaneity. It isn't spontaneity. It is disorganization. I really don't like waking up every day and someone telling me they don't know what their schedule is or not having any

Day 1 and 4,400 Steps

I had these great plans laid out for Day 1 of the Billion Steps Challenge. I was going to walk to the park, take my dogs with me, record a video (which would be amazing, of course), get all of my steps done, then go home for a relaxing evening of reading and whatever else I decided to do. Okay, some of that happened, but not exactly in that order. First of all, I did take my dogs to the park. It looked really nice outside, because it was 50-some degrees here in Missouri. I was excited. The weather looked beautiful. When I went out to lunch, the wind picked up dramatically. I decided that was okay. It wasn't that big of a deal. I could still swing this. I could still walk with the dogs at the park. I had my smart watch all charged up and ready to go. I actually was ready to go to the park, dressed and with my shoes on at the time that I said I was going to go to the park. I had my dogs all ready to go to the park, too. Their leashes were on. I was set. They were set. I drove