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Do It For You: 5K Training

Even though I was in sports when I was younger, I never considered myself much of a runner. I remember running around the edges of the softball field for both softball and tennis and doing oh, so many line drills. I even was in track in 7th grade. In college, I played soccer, and we had to run several miles a week. I was so self-conscious about my running, that I ran at night so no one would see me. I didn't feel self-conscious about walking, though. Interestingly, perhaps purposefully, I lived right near many walking trails. Watching so many other people walking by and enjoying the trails made me want to walk and enjoy the trails as well. I don't know how far I walked and for how many years. I would guess I averaged about 5 miles a day everywhere I lived. In 1997, I bought the book, "The Wish List" by Barbara Ann Kipfer, which I basically use as my life list. (I love this book so much that I have gifted it to several other people.) One of the things in the book

How I Chose Public Health

We are in the midst of the coronavirus crisis right now. And, I have been posting a lot on social media and talking a lot about public health. My first job in healthcare was about 24 years ago, in 1996. I started off as a medical records clerk in a family practice clinic in Nebraska. In case you don't know, medical records back then weren't electronic. It was all paper. Literally, I was a paper shuffler, all day every day. I didn't care for it that much and was deciding between continuing to work at the clinic and becoming a history and government teacher. I had a B.A. in History and a Secondary Education Endorsement from Graceland University and had my teaching license. The clinic administrator met with me one day and asked if I would still try to become a teacher if I was given a promotional transfer to be a medical transcriptionist at the clinic. I said no. I was going to get a raise and was going to make more than substitute teachers made (back then I believe subs ma