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Developing An Idea Map

In this post, I am going to teach you how to use a process improvement and problem-solving tool. It is called "idea mapping." Some people may call this brainstorming, but it actually goes a bit further than brainstorming. Idea mapping is about getting your usable, real ideas, goals, and areas for improvement down on paper, and then applying an actual process for how you are going to achieve those goals. You are basically going to go from a jumbled group of goals to the finish line of a completed goal. For my example idea map, I picked "Move to a New City." I chose this one because it's that time of year when a lot of students just graduated from college, and now they are looking for a new adventure. Or, maybe they found their first big job and they are going to have to move. Maybe you have a family, and you have to move somewhere with your family. Maybe after all of this business with COVID-19, you have decided you really want to move away from where you live

What Progressively Responsible Experience Means

When applying for a new position, the qualifications or position requirements may say, "bachelor's degree, five years experience, master's degree preferred, or demonstration of progressively responsible experience." What is progressively responsible experience, anyway? Progressively responsible experience basically means you "climbed up the ladder." In each position, you should have gained more responsibilities than in the last. A good rule of thumb is at least a 20% increase in responsibility or a 10-20% increase in salary. Those two things do not always necessarily coincide. Here are items that demonstrate progressive responsibility. 1. Increase in the number of job duties. Many frontline positions start off with one primary job duty. The more job duties you have, the more things for which you are responsible. For example, a patient access clerk is primarily responsible for registering patients. However, imagine that the person receives a position as an