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Raising Your Level of Awesome

 This week I am walking 11,100 steps. Actually, I have been finding myself walking more than 11,100 steps a day. Since I have been walking several miles a day for at least three years, I find walking more steps easier than before. As you increase every week, you will also find yourself reaching your former goals without even thinking about it. Those goals may even become a habit to you.

As I walked today, I was thinking back to the first year I did the Billion Steps Challenge and started walking again. It was three years ago, and it was in the late Spring and early Summer. I remember struggling to get to three miles a day, and I celebrated myself when I reached five miles. I never would have imagined that four miles would almost be my starting point, and five miles would be an easy goal for me to reach. 

Photo by Jeanette R. Harrison

The thing is, like many other goals we set in life, once we achieve our short term goal or even a new goal, then we start to get accustomed to being at that goal. What we once thought was really awesome has now become commonplace, and we have now created a new level of what we think is awesome. If you want to think of it this way, you are raising your level of awesomeness! Every single time you hit a new goal, you have something to be impressed with yourself over. 

I talked about fishing and archery in my video for this week. Increasing your level of awesomeness isn't only about walking, but it could be about how many fish you catch or the size or the type. If you are into archery, then maybe it is how many arrows you get on the target, how many hit the bulls' eye or how far away you are aiming and shooting. Every activity gives you the opportunity to grow each week. With every step or every bit of growth, you have a chance to move forward to the next level. As you go through this year's Keep It Moving challenge, I challenge you to keep raising your level of awesome.