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Domestic Violence Survivors Aren't Serial Killers

Have you ever met some random woman and wondered what her past was? What is her story? Why did she move 1,000 miles from home to a place where she only knew a few people that she seemed to have strained relationships with? What is her deal, anyway? Is she a criminal? Perhaps, is she a serial killer? Or, maybe is she a domestic violence survivor?

Although the Federal Bureau of Investigation states that there is no one single trait that identifies a serial killer, there are traits that are common among different serial killers. The Office of Justice Programs identifies certain traits that will be outlined below. In contrast, the traits of domestic violence survivors will also be outlined using statistics from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.


*Serial killers are typically white males between the ages of 25-34.
*Domestic violence victims can be any race and are typically between the ages of 18-24.

*Serial killers tend to be intelligent or at least street smart.
*Domestic violence survivors can be anyone at any education level.

*Serial killers are often charming and charismatic.

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*Domestic violence survivors may appear withdrawn, have a sense of hopelessness, and may seem like they have "checked out" in life, according to the Arizona Coalition to End Domestic Violence. 

*Serial killers are often fascinated by police and their activities.
*Domestic violence victims may be afraid of police or other authorities for fear their injuries or problems will be discovered.

*Serial killers use violence to exert power and control over their victims.
*Domestic violence survivors were controlled by someone who used violence to exert power over them.

*Serial killers may or may not be highly mobile traveling quite frequently to multiple locations.
*Domestic violence survivors may not have access to transportation like a car, access to money to help them travel, or the self-esteem to believe that moving around is an option for them. They may feel "stuck."

*Serial killers are considered night owls and prowl at night.
*Domestic violence survivors may have difficulty sleeping due to stress and anxiety from past trauma.

*Serial killers use "hands-on" methods to kill and then resort to weapons.
*Domestic violence survivors suffered at the hands of others. If weapons were involved, the risk of homicide increased by 500% (thereby the person would not have survived). 

*Serial killers may have a past history of abuse.
*Domestic violence survivors do have a past history of abuse. 


  1. Well my name is Sonya Lee from Poplarville MS. I'm a Domestic Violence survivor. I promise I have never wanted to hurt anyone. My husband abuse me over and over for 2 yrs. The 1st time my mother and daddy saw me. They couldn't believe that David Lyman done that to me. They thought he was a good person. I never thought he would hurt me. But he did. After that my momma decided to do a background check on him. He had been communicating to state crazy house n Alabama. Then he was put in jail in FL for not reporting someone that he was with burnt someone trailer. Police thought he had something to do with it. So then he went to jail. So he was a ex convict. He didn't tell me none of this. It hurt me finding out this. After I married him. When the law came and got him that day at my parents house. He serve 7 mths n Pearl River County jail.
    He told everyone that he didn't abuse me. That I was just lieing on him.


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