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Jeanette Harrison's Guest Appearance on the Neil Haley Show


I was recently a guest on The Neil Haley Show. 

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Neil Haley is a tv/radio host, author, and speaker. His podcast is nationally syndicated and has over 5 million weekly listeners. Neil likes to help others grow. Neil is compassionate and has an engaging, warm, and encouraging personality. Neil Haley is also known as "The Media Giant" and provides services for brand consulting, social media management, podcast production, website design, and media coaching. 

When Neil invited me to be a guest on his podcast to talk about my book, "Bragging About You" and about How Healthcare Works, LLC, I was so excited! I was so honored and humbled to have this outstanding opportunity and to gain exposure for the book and the business. It made me feel like all of those days struggling were finally getting me somewhere. Neil asked me for some talking points. He guided the conversation and made me feel comfortable, especially since it was my first podcast guest experience.

My podcast episode is The Neil Haley Show 9-13-22 and can be found here. Neil does a great job leading his guests and directing them to speak from the heart. Our conversation covered the early stages of How Healthcare Works, from idea to startup, and finally led to my book, "Bragging About You." I discussed how the book was inspired by my former students. Now the idea is growing into workshops. 

Every podcast is unique, and I was so honored to be interviewed by Neil Haley. I was further humbled that Neil gave me the generosity of  his time and talent to have me on his show. Thanks to Neil Haley for this opportunity. I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast on The Neil Haley Show, as much as I enjoyed being interviewed.