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Jeanette Harrison's Guest Appearance on Straight Outta Savannah, Talkin with Tammi

I was recently a guest on Straight Outta Savannah, Talkin with Tammi. 

Tammi Morrison is an Intuitive Empowerment Diva, a podcast host, author, and entrepreneur. Her podcast is growing nationally and has followers from all walks of life. Tammi likes to connect with people and their stories. Tammi is energetic, caring, and passionate about what she does. She made me feel right at home.  She is the author of  "Walking Away: Winning the War Against Shame, Abuse, Aids, and Abandonment"  and "Michelle Dying for Love." 

When Tammi invited me to be a guest on her podcast to talk about my book, "Bragging About You" and about How Healthcare Works, LLC, I was so thrilled and touched! I had listened to her podcast in the past, and I loved the stories that real people shared about their real-life experiences. It was so relatable to me. Tammi is so warm and friendly, I felt right at home right away. She and I talked just like a couple of friends would over coffee. Of course, she guided the conversation and made me feel at ease. The time really flew by. 

My podcast episode is She Helps Heal Burnout and can be found here. Tammi does a great job helping her guests just to be themselves. Our conversation covered living in Nebraska, life changes, the early stages of How Healthcare Works, from idea to startup, and finally led to my book, "Bragging About You." I discussed how the book was inspired by my former students. Now the idea is growing into workshops. 

Every podcast is different, and I love my time on Straight Outta Savannah, Talkin' with Tammi.  I was so grateful for Tammi sharing her gifts and talents with me and asking me to be a guest on her show. Thanks to Tammi Morrison for this opportunity. I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast episode, and I also hope that you will also listen to Tammi's other amazing guests.