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Tell Your COVID Story

March is Women's History Month. The theme for this year is "Celebrate Women Who Tell Our Stories." All of the women who are alive today, each one of us, has a story to tell right now. Right now, today, we are part of history. If you have been alive since 2020, you have a story to tell that is part of history. Your story and the stories of those around you will be studied for years to come.  The pandemic affected all aspects of life. It affected our individual and national economic stability, our neighborhoods and physical environments, our education system, our ability to access and acquire food, our community safety and how we viewed ourselves in society, and our health care system and providers. In public health, we call these things the social determinants of health.   During the pandemic, the Surgeon General issued health advisories regarding health worker burnout and, most recently, the youth mental health crisis in this country. He made these topics priorities for o

Spring Renew You

Spring is almost here! We finally made it through a record number of days of snowfall in Idaho. I like winter, and I love Spring. I love Spring because we always know it's coming. We have faith that it will be here every year.  Spring is a promise that things are always changing. They change and are renewed or rejuvenated. It is also a time for change and newness. To me, it's a promise that good things are around the corner.  That's why we at How Healthcare Works are offering our course, LIVE  Spring Renew You.  You can register for the course here.  I view renewal as part of nature. You are a part of nature, too. We are all interconnected with the world around us, the people in our lives, and all the sense of renewal. The past few years may have felt like winter season in your life. A time when you endured the cold, hunkered down, focused on the basics, and tried to make it through. Maybe you struggled against the harshness of the winds in your life. You wanted to get back

Improve Health and Well-being for All with Healthy People 2030

This post shared courtesy of Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion and Healthy People 2030 Since 1980, the Healthy People initiative has set goals and measurable objectives to improve health and well-being in the United States. The initiative's fifth edition, Healthy People 2030, builds on the knowledge gained over the past 4 decades to address current and emerging public health priorities and challenges.   An interdisciplinary team of subject matter experts developed national health objectives and targets for the next 10 years. These objectives focus on the most high-impact public health issues and reflect an increased focus on the social determinants of health — how the conditions where people live, work, and play affect their health and well-being. By using Healthy People 2030 in your work, you can help improve health nationwide! Objectives are organized into intuitive topics so you can easily find data that's relevant to your work. And Healthy People 2030 provid