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Dealing with Holiday Burnout

by Jeanette R. Harrison, MPH

The holidays are upon us. It's time for laughter, cheer, meeting with friends, gathering gifts, and feeling stressed. In fact, if you are feeling burned out, the holidays can add to that feeling. Let's face it, the holidays can be a lot. During the holidays, you can burned out pretty easily. You have extra activities on your calendar and may feel like you have less money in your pocket. To help you out, we designed the course, "Dealing with Holiday Burnout." Because Holiday Burnout is a real thing. 

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Through the course, we provide you with 8 tips for surviving the holidays. This can be in your work life or in your personal life. The 8 tips we will discuss in the course are:

1. Practice Gratitude

2. Plan Ahead

3. Meditate

4. Get Plenty of Rest

5. It's Okay to Say No

6. Make Friends with Your Money

7. Take Time for You

8. Take Care of Your Health

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In this course, we will discuss each of the methods listed above and give you additional tools and resources to utilize them throughout your holiday season. 

The holidays are meant to be a time for joy, peace, and love, not stress and anxiety. We can help you manage your holiday season to help you reduce your stress and reduce the risk of holiday burnout.