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What Homeless Is Like

Imagine you are waking up in the morning. It's so cold. It snowed overnight and you snuggle up under your covers.  You check your thermostat. 70 degrees. You put your warm slippers on over your socks and grab a cup of coffee.  Then, you get in the refrigerator and prepare your breakfast.  After breakfast, you take a nice hot shower, brush your teeth, put on your deodorant, blow dry your hair, and go through your closet of clothes looking for something warm to wear. Now, imagine you are homeless.  You wake up in the morning glad you made it through the night. No one attacked you or tried to steal what few belongings you had.  The ground beneath you is cold and hard, although you are grateful you found a blanket in the trash.  It's so cold out, you can see your breath.  Last night, it got down to 20 degrees, and you can barely feel your toes.  You set a goal for the day to make it to the public hospital and see if you have frostbite.  You heard they may give you a sandwich,