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How's Your Gratitude?

I am about to tell you a secret. Turn off the television, put down your phone, close your other tabs, silence your alerts. Here it is. Do you know what the secret to success is? You don't? You should. Thought leaders around the country are telling you all the time. It's all over the internet. There are actually thousands of books and articles written about how other people became successful. If you are really paying attention, you will start to notice themes among these thought leaders and others that our society holds in "high success" status. One of those themes is that the successful people and thought leaders all express their gratitude for their lives. Expressing gratitude seems like it's easy to do, but for so many people it's difficult. They are distracted by all of the things about their lives that aren't exactly what they wanted or what it should be. Let's admit, too, that there are people who do have challenging lives. They have had to o